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Our 1st time visit was Nov 30 2018, I previously brought my dogs medical history paperwork into Banfield stating my dog has been taking apoquel 16 mg tablet one every 24 hours, they were allergy tablets.I took the paperwork to Banfield to show Dr. Wu a Banfield Veterinarian in San Mateo Ca. So she did her part by checking my dog and the paperwork then she wrote me a prescription for my dog a 16 mg apoquel pill that said to give her one every 24 hours.Dr. Wu also convinced me to try an allergy shot which ended up being two allergy shots at two different dosages . I explain to doctor Wu that the allergy medication my dog has been taking every day for the last 4 years was doing great so, just in case the allergy shot doesn't work, I asked Dr.Wu to write me a prescription for her allergy pill and she did. She sent us home with the pills and one refill of the 16 mg apoquel tablet that was supposed to be given to her one every 24 hours. After our visit in about December right before my dogs pills ran out because she had to take them just about 5 days after the allergy shot. Her allergy shot did not work she was extremely itchy and broke out in welts. Someone turned me on to a place called pet meds so I got instructions to get a written prescription from Dr. Wu and send it to pet meds for my dogs 16 mg apoquel pill. Where i can get more at a time and reorder easy! Dr.Wu had no problem giving the prescription to PetMeds the only problem she had was giving the prescription to pet meds for a 16 mg apoquel pill. she told pet meds that a 16 mg apoquel pill the one I requested, was overdosing my dog she can only get one 5.4 mg apoquel pill 2 times a day. So Dr. Wu lied to Petmeds. She then tried to explain to me over the phone which at the time I had extremely bad service and I was out of town and I didn't quite understand why my dog couldn't get the same pill she recently prescribed but from another facility. So at yhe time I just took her advice and changed the instructions to now a 5.4 pill twice a day.My dog and I dealt with that we got less mg and less pills than we would've got at Banfield. So then I felt Pet Meds was a bad idea. I should have just stuck with Banfield and got a 16 mg pill because Doctor Wu didn't want to tell pet meds she was giving me istructions for a 16mg pill only to tell petmeds 16 was too much. So petmeds gave me a 5.4 mg.pill. February comes along and my dog is extremely itchy, horribly itchy she's developing a chronic ear infection she's never had in her 12 years of living and she has scabs and welts on her body. So I finally gain the courage to call Dr.wu back in February or 1st of March and let her know that we need her help. My dog desperately needs her to prescribe the 16 mg pill again!

I explained what was happening and that the 5.4 mg pills 2 a day aren't doing the job, and that sometimes I try and give her 3 a day. That can be challenging for me and my dog 3 times a day and for my grandfather who helps me with administering her medication.My dog finds the pills in her food so I can't do it that way and it's hard to hide it in treats because she gets very picky when it comes to treats and she hates pill pockets. Dr. Wu told me that she made a mistake and that she didn't mean to prescribe me that pill and that she only did it because I told her i was breaking the pill in half and giving her the dosage twice a day which was a complete lie!!

None of yhat was stated in the pill bottle or paperwork!!

She said she just didnt want me to be overdosing my dog anymore and that the16 mg pill she prescribed her and the one refill was too much milligrams for my dog's weight . She's weighs about 50 lbs. She told me that I would have to come in and repay an exam fee and that was because half the year was already over! She also suggested AGAIN to give my dog an allergy shot I politely reminded dr. Wu that if she would look on the computer and read the notes that I had already paid for an allergy shot just 3 months ago and it didn'tdo her justice! Dr.Wu told me she didn't want pet meds to prescribe me a 16 mg pill and that if I was giving her that i was overdosing my dog. Keep in mind Dr.Wu put me on hold three times so she could talk to a manager and she also hung up on me or we got disconnected which i highly doubt, the second time. She flat out told me that if I wanted to continue giving my dog the 16 mg pill, that I should just go back to the places that I got them from and that she doesn't want to be responsible for prescribing a 16 mg pill because she doesn't want to be responsible for overdosing my dog anymore. So We're sticking with the other veterinarian that was by

Baffled by my story and that I had a pill bottle for proof that Dr. Wu prescribed my dog not only once but twice a 16 mg pill then turned around and said that my dog cant get that dosage anymore, just 3 months later. I'm pretty sure it's because I wanted her to write a prescription for Pet Meds instead of her facility. My other veterinarian politely wrote me the prescription for her my dogs original 16 mg dosage pill 1 every 24 hours. I took it to pet meds and now my dog happily takes her ONE pill everyday! NO itchies No ear infections!

This was a very unprofessional situation one of the most unprofessional situations I've ever dealt with involving a veterinarian.

I would never recommend you to go to Banfield just because you want to save money. They say you get what you pay for!

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Veterinarian.

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