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On 3/14/2011, approximately 7:30pm I took my dog to the Timber Drive, NC animal hospital as suggested. The young female doctor who attended him was very unprofessional.

She immediately prepared a treatment plan for $180.00. Said that he needed 5 xrays, hydration and possibly surgery. My care plan did not cover any of my sick dogs needs. I tried to understand her thinking and she became irritable.

After attempting twice to understand what I was expected to pay for she responded "didn't I tell you . . . I them tried to reason with one of the assistance.

She went to the back of the hospital. She returned several minutes later an merely stated that the "treatment plan" outlined all of the charges and agreed to talk with the vet again. The veteranarian came back out and said "I explained the treatment plan to you - I wouldn't suggest any unneccesary treatment. What do you not understand.

I explained the plan to you once. She then suggested that I update my plan to cover some of the xray cost because she could not approve anyother type of payment. She advised that the $180 would be due the same night after treatment. Said that we could take the dog home, watch him and come back tomorrow,or take him to the animal hospital - but she could not guarantee his safety.

Needless to say, she was indeed very unprofessional and appeared to take my questions personally. I just needed an understandable explanation for the $180 charge, that I could not afford. I was tried to somehow see if the cost could be reduced by eleminating some of the unnecessary treatment if any. I took my dog home and stayed up all night, frustrated and concerned for his safety.

Took him back the next morning and tried to talk with her again because my dog appeared to feel much better. He was running around playing. She would not talk to me. She sent the assistant out with a message "the treatment plan will be followed as discussed." The assistant walked away as I tried to explain the improvements in my dog.

She totally ignored me. I felt totally disrespected and ripped off. After all I had increased the coverage unnecessarily. This experience left me feeling used, somewhat humiliated and manipulated.

There was no followup call to check on my dog. This was unusual.

This has no reflection on the management in this office. I really like the manager.

She has always been a listener and understanding.

Very pleasant lady to work with. Can't say the same for that doctor.

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Pet Medical Service.

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those emerg clinics play on yourfear and love of your pet and dont give a dam.i took my yorkie once when she had a seizure after giving birth.i refused to sign loan papers and let them keep her and the pups.all she needed was a tums every day and she was fine

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