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Truth about banfield the pet hospital. This company is owned by MARS the m&m's making company.

Now tell me how a chocolate / candy maker know about veterinary medicine. Well it is all about money making. whenever a corporation is involved it is all about making money. So Banfield is all about ripping client / consumers off in the name of veterinary medicine.

It has poor quality medicine practicing principles. Trust me on this there reputation in veterinary colleges is so low that they are viewed as tarators. And also Banfield started in 90's not in 1955 --- a clinic owned by a vet was called Banfield in portland oregon -- so they paid him $1000,000 and continued with his business name. And now they are claiming it is since 1955 yeah right Mars (R).

Some doctors are sell out but not all of us are.

We care about Pets and veterinary medicine not about money.

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i have a pending malpractice lawsuit against banfield in ohio they ruined my great danes ability to walk properly and caught them giving false diagnosises on her saying she had bad teeth but her teeth was spotless and get cleaned regularly and had been cleaned 2 week prior so my attorny said when this is over that banfield office will be closed i have video of her playing b4 we left and in the morning she couldt get up steps


Hi I worked at the Corp office in Portland Oregon for banfield there terrible they literally trained us how to scam clients and rip them off. All they care about is the money money money..... I work for them and wouldnt even take my pet in to banfield and its free for employees they damage cleints lives and pets lives aswell with there ill training and poor quality take it from me go somewhere else


you must be smokin crack, you have all your information incorrect. perhaps you should get the facts before shootin your mouth off!!


just like any company, some people prefer target some prefer walmart. you have to find what works for you, just because one isnt to your liking doesnt mean we all suck, I have been with Banfield for 9 yrs and I choose the vets I work with most of the time and

stand by my personal beliefs when I dont.

The majority of Clients I have delt with through the years thank their lucky stars for the Wellness Plan, if you are not happy where you are- transfer, you have that option.


It may be a business but it is one I think plays on the emotions of pet owners and will milk you dry. They get you when you are at your lowest.

You love your pet and probably don't understand a lot of what they are saying. I think they plan it that way.


We previously lived in New Mexico and moved to Colorado and I have taken my Lab to Banfield in both locations for her shots, for doggy daycare as well as boarding. The staff has always been wonderful, the prices reasonable.

No complaints here, in fact I recommend Banfield to anyone that has pets. :)


attn: bruno's dad, just to let you know banfield is owned by the mars company, i worked for the one here in tx, but they are a great vet clinic. i took my dog there all the time.

yea there prices are a little high, but at least you know your pets in great hands. i fully trust my pets with banfield.


sorry..but the original poster is right. Banfield/M&M Mars is only about the money, forcing it\'s employees to use scare tactics and outright misinformation on clients, nickle and diming every little extra expense they can think of all in the sake of the bottom line. Those of us that work there DO CARE about pets, we\'re just not allowed to do it without charging everyone for even the smallest of things.


After reading the complaint and then comments, I had to add my comment in as well. There is some truth to everything.

Banfield is now owed by MARS. Dr. Campbell was CEO. This all changed about 1yr ago.

Banfield is a business and the only way to keep a business going is to make money.

I don't know about everywhere else, but I know in my area, there are no vets that take payment plans or give free services. Banfield does have the pets best interest in mind.


To set record straight. If something bad happened in a Banfield in Texas or Washington or California, why would you assume that their is a poor quality of care for the other 700 hospitals.

The veterinarian above is well aware that if you took any other 700 hospitals and grouped together all of the complaints of those facilities, it would be no different. Everyone likes to beat up on the bully. As far as making money. Its a business!

Get over it. Of course, there is a responsibility to generate income. If there are vets pushing unnecessary vaccines or services, do you really believe that is because it is Banfield. That could happen at ANY hospital.

The wellness packages if used correctly can be the best deal ever. Some clients should be so lucky that they could get testing performed, or a dental cleaning, or basic blood and urine testing, and be able to pay it on a monthly basis. It is the client's responsibility to understand the terms of the contract and when it can be terminated. For all of those pets out there with chronic diseases and repeated visits to the vet.

You bet, that vet is charging a recheck fee frequently. With a wellness plan they are all part of the package.

By the way, I am not a Banfield veterinarian. In fact, I am a UC Davis graduate and I have been working as a veterinarian for years.


I agree completely. The Dr.

in the Banfield I go to has been very helpful, smart and kind. My dog had a reaction to her shot but she took care of it right away.

I have yet to find a Vet anywhere close to where I live (within an hour drive) that can beat Banfields prices even before the wellness plan's savings. I am a customer of there's for life.


Hey doc, you sound like you may have been fired from Banfield. I have found nothing that says Mars owns Banfield.

Keep your opinion to yourself, I have been a Banfield client for 3 years-NOT 1 COMPLAINT-I trust them completely with my boy. Spew your *** elsewhere


Not to mention blatant disregard for facts. The parent company of Banfield is Medical Management International (MMI).

The orginal owner of Banfield was not named Banfield and DID found the company in 1955. In the 90's Dr.

Campbell, the current president/ CEO, made a deal to put clinics in PetSmart stores. I and my fellow pet owners have no issues with the local Banfield personnel and find their services to be a good and economical way to keep pets healthy.


It seems as though a doctor would be a reputable source but with all these typos and misuse of wording I don;t know who to believe!! There instead of their is a gross error. I've used banfield and agree that they are shoddy at best but that doesn't excuse your lack of grammar.

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