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On Satuday in the morning (11am) I took my Daschund Puppy to the clinic because she looked so down. I told the technitian that i was worried if she eated something dangerous for her.

this was at 11am, then i came back at 1pm to check the status, and they just say that they are working on it. after waiting for several hours (4 or 5 hours later) the Dr. Dominguez finally came out and tell that everything is ok, and gave me some medications. When go inside to look for my dog, Daisy was dead...

HOW CAN THIS HAPPEN??? I see the Dr. trying to CPR my Daisy... When i look into the paper, the don't give any medication in the clinic, just a vitamin (Nutrical).

I lost my dog for his negligence.

I'm considering to take this case to a lawyer because is not fair this kind of conduct with animals. Animals are FAMILY too.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

  • Poor Emergency Care
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I am very sorry for your loss and for what you are going through at this time. To correct the statement from above, the doctor mentioned Daisy had Anaplasmosis and Ehrlichiosis two diseases transmitted by ticks.

Those ticks were seen during several visits to Banfield and was mentioned several times the importance of treating the patient and the risks of diseases. Blood work was done and Daisy had anemia and low platelet count. I am surprised to see you mentioned only nutrical, when the doctor sent nutrical along w/ doxycycline which is to treat against the disease previously mentioned. Daisy died of blood loss due to these two diseases.

Now, I am very sorry for your loss and how you are feeling, but the doctor did everything he could and it is unfair to be writing inaccurate information on this page.

Regardless of cpr and what you saw, the patient died because ticks were not addressed as directed and advised. Please, you have any concerns or unanswered questions to address them with the hospital, but it is very wrong to write things about a professional who was just trying to save your pet who died due to a disease that could have been prevented and was just simply not.


If what the owner is saying is false & you have the documents to prove it I would sue them for slander. It is so unfair when people try to ruins someones career just because they didn't understand, or didn't pay attention to what they were being told. As a profession vets/vet techs need to start standing up for themselves more against these online trolls.


Yes is correct that we found some ticks on Daisy maybe 1 or 2. I always use frontline as recommended by Dr.

Juliá. The Dr. Just mentioned anaplasmosis. But it's ok I already filled a complaint about this in the PR Board of Veterinarian and I have all my evidence.

I don't want money I don't want nothing! I just want that emergencies are treated as what they are!


Actually, the employee can be used, as can the Banfield hospital. Medical records are confidential, and you cannot post information about her dog's vet records without her consent.

Banfield employees are a special kind of ***. She may have just been upset. I hate Banfield. This is more proof how unprofessional the staff is Thank you for reminding me why I hate Banfield.

Of course you disregard she lost her dog.

FYI, to some people their pets are like family. Show some compassion.


It is also against the law for you to disclose the information about her dog on a public forum. The owner can sue you!


And this is why being able to review a medical professional on this type of forum is really ***.


Daisy was 5 months. All the preventive care since the beginning was on Banfield...


I just read this and I want to say how sorry I am that you lost your Daisy. I can't imagine what happened except maybe a heart defect? Did they figure what was wrong?


The vet just said that apparently some insect *** her.


How old was Daisy and when was Daisy last seen by a vet for a routine check up prior to this visit?

Our pets can't tell us when something is wrong or they don't feel good. And many times pet owners fail to have routine check ups done on their pets until their pet shows severe symptoms. Pets really need to have a routine check up at least twice a year.

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