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Nov of 2009 the FDA put out an alert about Vetsulin and the varying amounts of the crystalline Zinc insulin. However, my vet never told me about it and the possible side effects.

In May 2010 I went in to pick up a vial of insulin. i was told that they were out and on back order. I asked if they can call their other locations to see if they had any in. After calling 5 locations there was one nearby that had 1 vial left.

This was alarming news and asked the nurse if the vet would be willing to script out in case of a situation like this occurs again. She comes back into the room and says No he will not script it out. Now a month later he is scripting it out b/c they no longer have Vetsulin at any of their locations. They put my dog on Humunlin N and said to keep the same dosage.

They never told me about the need to switch syringes now for the past 3 days my dog is getting who knows what kind of dosage. I am so furious at their lack of care.

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