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First of all, I recognize that pet care costs money. That's the reality of it. But there are limits, and Banfield went beyond them.

Over a year ago, I got a 3 month old golden retriever and signed him up for Banfield's Wellness Program subscription. Seemed like a good deal. You get free checkups, which we all know are far more frequent for puppies than adult dogs on average.

What I hadn't counted on is their uncanny ability to find something "wrong" with my dog every time I brought him in! Once our pup got a clean bill of health. "He looks great." They said, but still strongly urged a teeth cleaning ($180) for teeth that are sparkling white. No thanks.

The most ridiculous event was when I brought him in for loose stool problems. They said they would test him for stomach parasites. It would cost $150 and they'd have to board him for a couple hours. Okay, I want my pet to be healthy, right?

After they call to tell me he's ready, I come back, wait 25 minutes for them to finally bring him out, and then inform me that the test results did not turn up any parasites. I'm relieved. But then they tell me that the test isn't 100% accurate, so they recommend anti-parasitic medications (liquid and pills). So I buy those as well, wanting my dog to just feel better. When I ask why they test him if it doesn't even give an accurate answer, they brush it away with words like "standard procedure" and "how it's always done."

His loose stool problems went away with time, but it was well after the meds. Whether the meds helped him or not, paying a total of $210 for meds that usually run for $30 seemed wrong. And that wasn't even including my "free" checkup! Imagine what it would cost for a non-subscriber!

The whole experience gave me the distinct feeling of being ripped off. Banfield preys on your conscience and on your desire to care for your pet.

Do yourself a favor: find a vet you can trust. Do a little research, and you won't have to depend on a corporation for something as important as your pet's health.

Review about: Banfield Pet Hospital Wellness Plan.

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Yeoman, Indiana, United States #116166

Precisely, Me!

It reminds me of a car mechanic you go to for an oil change, and then they find a half dozen other things that aren't broken/empty, but "really should be taken care of."


I completely understand your frustration about Banfield seeming to make up problems. I recently took my dog to a new vet who came highly recommend as one of the best.

She used to work for Banfield. Her biggest complaint was that the corporation pushes high volume/high sales. They aren't as concerned about the quality of care or the pet, just the ability to make money.

Needless to say she quit working for them and has her own clinic. She mentioned that their wellness plan is good if you get the pet spayed/neutered but that they will come up with something extra for you to pay no matter what.


Brittney, did these people give birth to these animals? I don't think so.

They're owners! And their Banfields Techs are not nurses! Far as I know there are no "nursing" programs for animals, no RN degrees for animal techs. Banfield cracks me up, they claim to be a full service hosp, they are a CLINIC at best.

They can't even properly hospitalize an animal because the vet, or anyone one else can't get back in to the hosp after hours because Petsmart has the doors locked and the docs have no access. So if you've got a real sick animal, Banfield will work it up, charge you out the wazoo, then you'll have to transfer to an emergency clinic and get more charges. Tell me this isn't how it works! I know, I used to work at a Banfield as a vet.

If you didn't come out of the room with a $200 bill for ear cleaning, you weren't doing your job and providing "quality medicine".

I notice nearly 100% of Banfields reviews, no matter where you look, are bad. That should tell you something!


first off, to *** about the cost of healthcare is like *** about the government, you cant change it, so live with it. Another thing, a lot of parents dont know what to look for on their dogs teeth when there is supposed dental calculus, which is tartar buildup, People that don't get their pet's teeth cleaned, sometimes end up getting periodontal disease or gingivitus, thirdly, it's not that the test isn't 100% accurate, they run these tests to rule out possible infections, being that there are a million things that could be affected your pet which means numerous testing to actually find out what it is, or I guess you could have the dr.

wing the diagnosis and treat for something she assumes it might be.

How bout you do yourself a little research and find out the actual cost of veterinary care for an animal before you buy one. because its not just banfield that rakes up the cost, thats evey hospital.

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