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OH MY LORD!! PLEASE, PLEASE READ! I am not saying this is going to happen to every dog, I am not saying this is going to happen to your dog, I am just letting you know this COULD happen and DID, to mine today!!! ...And before you go asking questions like, "Did you give the right size?" or "Did you apply it correctly?," If you know me and my dog, you know you don't have to ask silly questions like that.

Last night I applied a tube of First Shield Trio to Pancho. After returning home a few hrs later, I was surprised to find Pancho sleeping in my closet (totally weird, but he's a lovely weird little Chihuahua.)

Cut to this morning..I am awakened to Pancho running around my house like a MAD man! He is sprinting, jumping, colliding into furniture and acting like he is trying to come out of his own skin! I instantly think, "Dang, i bet that stuff has really activated any fleas he may have had! Poor guuuuy." After about 20 minutes of all that I could handle of that, I washed the stuff off and noticed all of these tiny little patches of red near his belly and rear that looked like little burns. I am furious and feel so terrible for this little guy. The bath definitely seemed to help comfort Pancho, but the story doesn't END HERE!!

Enter PHASE II: After the itching/burning seemed to subside somewhat, Pancho began this bizarre pacing, just steadily walking the perimeter of my apartment and looking at me as if he could not STOP!! His breathing then became labored. Then I knew this was getting serious. I reached for the baby Benadryl, thinking he may be having an allergic reaction. It definitely helped. His breathing has become normal again but he STILL cannot sit still. I try petting him, talking to him, the only thing that seems to help is actually walking him. We just came in from nearly a 2 hour walk now and I finally feel that he has calmed down. He is restfully sleeping next to me now and his breathing and heart rate have returned to normal.

I thank the Lord every day for this little kid and know you probably feel the same for your pet. I am not trying to bash any companies, ruin anyone's business or say even that this is a bad product. If it works for your pet, fantastic, I wish I could've had similar results. I am only merely sending out a warning because there was NOT one on the tube I bought that said THIS could happen! Buyer just BEWARE.

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Thank you!


Ok I have used first shied trio on all my dogs with no incident. Asking for people to ban this medicine is crazy in my mind because every single flea medication has toxic ingredients and can affect every dog differently, you can have positive and negative results. Sorry about your puppy.


My dog had a problem with advantix 2. He layed there lathargic...he peed on himself while sleeping.

I didnt knownwhat was wrong. I took him to the vet and the vet told me it wasnt the flea medication.

But on the package it describes his exact actions. I called poison control and sure enough it was.


Be grateful your baby is still alive! This is a not uncommon reaction to flea and tick treatments.

Benadryl's ok, but you should have gone for emergency treatment. All is well now, but this could have ended tragically. Be sure to make vet aware of this reaction.

We give and use these products on a routine basis, but remember, they are ALL pesticides, poison! Just a thought Nancy


i feel so bad for your pet and you


I have used this on my beagle for about a year and a half and never had a bad reaction. He was about 40 pounds though, maybe that's the difference.

I will ask my vet about this now though and see what she has to say. I would never want anything to happen to him or anyone else's dog.


I have a seven year old Pom this is our first battle with fleas. I have been with Banfield for seven years.

I had my dog groomed to remove the fleas I went to Banfield to get flea meds. I was prescribed first shield trio, so I was googling to see the effects. To my surprise for every one compliment there were ten complaints. So far my Pom is resting.

I pray this is a successful med because my stress level is out the window watching my baby deal with fleas. I must admit I am a little nervous, but so far so good.


I want to first say that not All Bandfield hospitals are bad.. I stay in Burleson, TX and the Bandfield hospital here is great.

They have treated my baby great. So, before bashing the place be more specific on which one cause that is how you start chaos.

@Love Bandfield

I don't believe that she was bashing. ....smh.

....Banfield. I took it as a warning to what could happen. ..like she said.

Now I know what to keep an eye out for. Thx


UPDATE: We had to go to the 24 hr Emergency Vet last night. The nap and comfort was short lived.

Pancho is still pacing, makes the most awful cries out of the blue and is trembling and terrified of me! It is as if he is on a horrible acid trip or something! They told me they've seen these reactions before and that the effects can last up to 72 hrs!! The Vet suggested (verbatim from the mfr website)to wash and apply Vit E.

She also assured me it is not absorbed through the skin. Not buying it! My dog has been pacing for HOURS!! No one knows what to do.

Make this stuff safe or take it OFF THE MARKET!! I dont want to kill my dog to kill the fleas!

@Pancho's Mom

Read my previous post, they all have warnings and could of affected your dog the same as this one if in fact it was first shield trio.

@Pancho's Mom

Hello, I read your comments and I just wanted to check in to see how Ponch did, did he feel better a couple days later?

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