Inwood, West Virginia

Warning......once you sign up for their "savings plan" you can't get out. They will automatically renew you and if you want to cancel, you have to do so in writing and they think they can charge your card for the rest of the year (this is even after you fulfill your year's commitment) or charge the difference of the money they think they "saved" you.

On several occasions the vet didn't even look at my dog and the lady at the desk already made an estimate of that day's charges and how I was going to pay. I had a $400 bill once, ran a lot of tests and they said nothing was wrong and sent my pet home with a few sulfur pills.

I regret listening to a guy who had not been with the program long. My dog was very scared to go there and now he loves his new vet and has no anxiety.

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Mineral Wells, Texas, United States #11740

I have had all 5 of my dogs on the wellness plan. They show you on paper how you are saving money.

Yet the prices they quote for what they do are bull. I have began taking my dog to a local vet and the prices are half as bad as they make it sound. Truth be told.

Your being taken by going on the wellness plan. Go to a local vet.

Grafton, West Virginia, United States #11299

First of all the "savings plan" you are referring to does save people a lot of money. I saved about 1600 dollars on my two puppies before the plan renewed.

If you read the contract you signed for the "savings plan", you would know that it is a one year contract and that YOU do have to cancel it when you are ready. It's done that way because people don't want to stop saving money on their pets medical expanses. And you would also know that if you cancel your plan prior to that year being over you have to either pay the services that had been given to you at regular price OR the rest of the year. Banfield isn't trying to milk you for money, don't worry.

They have the lowest prices of any vet that I have been to.

And those saving plans are amazing. :grin

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