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My cat was suffering from intestinal/digestive problems. I took him to Banefield at PetSmart on La Cienaga in LA.

The vet at banefield maybe spent 2 minutes with my cat and then proceeded to show me a menu on a PC screen and tried to sell me over $500 worth of tests and then some type of insurance that would cover half of the costs initially, but would cost the same after all premiums are paid. When I refused, he then went ahead and overcharged me for a dewormer (cat doesn't even have worms), a vitamin B shot, a flea & tick remedy, & some probiotics. Non of these things helped my cat, & later I found out I was overcharged 3x for these items compared to prices elsewhere. The vets here don't care.

It's like a McDonalds for sick animals. Now serving # 1,000,563!

All they are interested in is getting you to sign up for the BS Wellness Care plan. Save your money and go elsewhere, where people care.

Monetary Loss: $140.

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Charlotte, North Carolina, United States #679268

Ive had my share of problems with this place, but honestly if youre not willing to spend the money and correctly DIAGNOSE pet to get correct treatment, then you cant really be pissed. In any medical field you can only accurately treat what you know. You forced your veterinarian to take a shot in the dark due to your own financial restraints.

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