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I as well as many others know the scary truth about Dr. Jaime Pickett.

She will charge services that she does not actually perform. For instance, if a cat dies while in the back treatment area, she will charge CPR and other injections and then inform the owner, when in actuality she never performed these treatments. The Wellness plans are a perfect opportunity for her to cash in....she will use up the treaments on the wellness plan to receive credit even if the animal doesn't need them or is about to die and she knows it. She is a scary person when it comes to her ethical her work and personal life as well.

Your pet is a dollar sign to her.

The veterinary community knows her true reputation but cannot do anything about it....Banfield supports her because she is a cash cow. She also spends her time calculating how to implicate others in her mistakes so that she cannot be held liable....time that could be spent helping you and your loved ones.Please be careful!

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Wellness Plan.

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Worst experience I have ever had at a vet. Dr.

Pickett was no where to be seen and they had my dog for 2 1/2 hours for a general check up. $300.00+ and 2 1/2 hours later I got my dog back so stressed out it was terrible. She smelled so bad I asked why and they had no comment. I was told by another vet that she was probably put to sleep or under great stress and that her anal glands excreted.

I can't imagine how it takes 2 1/2 hours to do a blood test and a general exam. This Banfield should be closed. I have asked for my money back since they could not prove to me they did any tests but I was denied.

So now my mission is to tell everyone about Dr. Pickett's Banfield clinic so no one else has to suffer as I did.


As a former employee I know how you feel! You are right..

banfield is about quantity and money over quality of care. Every clinic charges clients for services not rendered.. and Commp exam. lets face it..

your dog sits in a kennel for 8 hrs and doesn't get touched till you call wondering if your pet is done yet. It's an awful place to take work for, and even worse for your pets.

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