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i too had a similar insident that actually happened yesterday. my dog was pregnant and she wasn\'t giving birth, she was pushing but nothing was coming out.

i was scared for her live so i had taken her to banfield hospital. at the time the only place that was open was banfield. we went there and they said she had a puppy the size of a lab and my dog is a chihuahua. they told us we had to do a c-section or the dog and puppy would die.

they said it would cost 1,500. i didn\'t have that kind of money. i tried to see if we could do payments, but they said since we wern\'t one of their regular customers we couldn\'t. and i tried to raise my pet care card but they wouldn\'t raise it either.

i had no choice. they said the only choice i had was to sign her over to them and they would do the operation but find her a new home if she lived. at the time i was so sad, why can\'t i keep my dog, why? because i didn\'t have that kind of money, i had to sign her over to the hospital.

it was like signing over your kid to an adoption and my husband cried so long. we asked if they knew what adoption place they send the dogs to, but they would not tell us. why? i mean if they are going to send the dog to a adoption place and people are going to buy the dog, why can\'t we?

why because we didn\'t pay the 1,500, but when they sell our dog to someone else for $500, we can\'t buy her back? funny isn\'t it. anyways we had to sign her over to the hospital because they gave her a shot that helped her with her contractions and they said if the baby didn\'t come out within 30 to 45 minutes after they gave her the shot that she needs a c-section or she will die. me and my husband cried so long but we said we had no choice.

we either let her die or sign her over so they could operate and she could live. we didn\'t want our baby to die so we signed her over. we asked if we could wait and see if the operation went well, but they would not let us stay. they said once we signed her over we had to leave and we could not know anything about her or where she went or if she made it.

i thought to myself what the ****. how could these people be so cruel. do these people even have a heart. do they even have animals.makes me think that maybe these people working here like you vicky, only want your pay check.

i mean if i was working there i would secretly tell the customer because i care, even if i was breaking the rules. i had like 4 different people that was helping me with my dog and not even one would tell me. all i wanted was to stay and see how the operation went and if it was bad if i could buy my dogs ashes back and keep them. they said we have to leave.

so many things were going through my head. are these people really going to do the operation or are they gonna just leave my dog in one of there cages and leave her there until she gives birth or die. one nurse did tell me she\'ll let me know if my dog lived or died. i left at 11:00pm and she said call her an hour in a half later.

is the operation only an hour and a half? anyways, i called her and she said my dog lived and the puppy died. i don\'t know if i trust her or not though. i\'m searching for the adoption place that banfield sends the dogs that are signed over to them, if anyone knows please help.

even if i can\'t have my dog back i just want to know if she\'s alive or dead. i wan\'t to see her body to see if they did try to help her or if they did the operation or not, then my heart will be at ease. why couldn\'t they let me stay and see how she was before i went home. why wouldn\'t they tell me if she made it or not?

i had a nurse secretly tell me. if she told me the truth or not i don\'t know for certain.

she said she did make it so i am in search for the adoption place they send the dogs now. if anyone knows please help, thanks.

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I just read all these comments, and am shocked at all the people that think the animal's care is somehow the responsibility of the vet and not the human. It is not the vets job to be an advocate for their client, it is to be an advocate for their patient.

This owner had ample opportunity to avoid this (spay the dog, dont breed the dog, if planning on breeding saving before hand, having pet insurance or saving account, etc) and neglected to do so. I say kudos to the clinic for finding a way to treat this pet, as the other option is euthanasia. And why are vets expected to be lending institutions. In several states, it would be illegal for vet clinics to have payment plans, as it is considered a loan, and I dont know any vet clinics with lending licenses.

That's what care credit and scratch pay are for. Thankfully it sounds like the dog was cared for in this situation, which means the vet did his/her job well.


This is so heartbreaking, but that is what vets do when you can't afford their over priced services as if not having 1500.00 on hand makes you a bad pet parent. That policy should be changed and a repayment plan should be an option.

Care credit comes in handy for situations like that. I paid a great deal of money to the vets with my care credit card and my pup still died I decided to treat the other one my self and she survived.


My friend is going through the same thing tonight.. I've been researching but nothing..

I believe she's going to die.. I'm so sad.. She's a pit bull & she doesn't know what to do..

All of her puppies are dead 3 out 4 inside.. I'm so pissed


This does not sound right at ALL! It seems they could have taken a down payment, something, to help you keep your dog.

Either they are outright heartless thieves, or maybe they felt the dog was mistreated, and this was their way of keeping her from you. Questions I have are why is she not spayed? If her pup was the size of a lab, then how did she get pregnant? Obviously not by another chihuahua, so if she is not a breeder, she should be spayed, irresponsible to just let her get bred.

Make no mistake, I am sorry for your loss, and horrified at how the hospital treated you. Anonymous


Oh KY goodness, I just dropped my baby off at the one in columbia and they have charged me over 300.00 in the past few days, I don't trust them bcz you sign your life away just checking your pet in. I'm going to find another vet asap. Thanks for sharing I'm so sorry this happened to you.


Also to add to my post below.

This really is not an unexpected emergency. If people would actually research before breeding, they would know that C Sections are common in small breeds, especially when you bred the female to a male who's even a pound bigger.

If the dog would have been examined by a vet and had xrays taken during the last week like they should have, they would know if the pups were to big to come naturally.

Dogs are pregnant for roughly 63 days. So again, this isn't an unexpected emergency.


When you signed the paper to surrender her to the hospital, it specifically states that you cannot have updates or get her back.

The reason for the contract when you surrender is because people will try to get the dog back once they are cured. How is that fair?

A majority of the time, when you surrender the hospital isn't the one paying for services. It's the staff taking money out of their own pockets. So if you couldn't afford care in the first place and had to surrender, why should you be allowed to re adopt for a quarter of the price of the treatment they provided?

Most of the time the pets who are surrendered don't go to a rescue.The staff finds them loving homes on their own.

I really don't see why people are bashing banfield here. She couldn't afford the c section and without it the pet would die.

They could've just Said "sorry we can't help you" and sent her away, but they didn't. They offered a solution. The people CHOSE to surrender her.

This is why just anyone shouldn't be allowed to breed.

If you can't afford a csection, which is common in small breeds, then spay your dog! Alot more goes into breeding than just sticking two dogs together.

To those saying they should have done payment plans. Most vet clinics, including private practices, do not do payment plans because people STILL didn't pay. Vet offices are a business.

If they treated every pet for free who's owner couldn't afford care, then they wouldn't be able to stay in business. I'm sorry but a majority of them ARE in it for the outcome NOT the income. You have no idea how much money it takes to run a hospital. Equipment to buy and keep updated on is hundreds of thousands of dollars alone, plus all the supplies, bills etc they also have a staff to pay and pets/families of their own to take care of.

Again, veterinary offices are a business. They should be paid for services they provide. Would you go to a grocery store and expect them to let you make payments? No.

If people came into your work and couldn't afford something, would you do/give it to them for free? No.

Do you expect to be paid at work? Yes.


Ok, So, You say that the Staff or Someone else pays for the Surgery !!! OK.

Here's my argument. If the Hospital/Vet is willing to Discount the cost for the Staff/Whoever, why can't they Discount it for the Owner of the Pet ??? I dont know what i would do if I was faced with this situation ???. My Dog is my BEST FRIEND, And I love her more than ANYONE on this crazy Planet !!

And I would do ANYTHING to save her life(including giving my own) And I know it sounds crazy for someone to put their pets life ahead of their own, But I do !!.

And being FORCED to give up my pet or it would die because of someone's greed !!?? Ohh Boy, !!!!!!!!!!


Having worked for Banfield several years ago let me tell you that staff only get a minimal discount on the prices the public pays (typically about 20% off), so they are still paying a large chunk of money out of their own pockets FOR SOMEONE ELSES' *** PET - and typically they have to 'donate' their time for the surgery/treatments so that the hospital doesn't have to turn away paying clients so a staff member pet can be seen!! For staff to do this is really nice of them - so it's super *** of someone to bash them for that.

The real problem here is that people own pets and don't think ahead about what to do in case of an emergency. Most Vets typically don't do payment plans anymore because people lie and never come back to pay. Sad fact but get used to it. To expect a business to donate or give you free services because you have poor planning is ridiculous.

There are so many options out there, get pet insurance (it costs like $30 a month), have a credit card you could put emergency expense on, apply for care credit (a credit line that can be used for medical/veterinary expenses), or even just ask a family member or friend. PLAN AHEAD people.

Don't expect handouts from everyone.


Here's my logical answer after reading this post and all the comments.

If you can't financially afford to have a pet or child. Don't get a pet and don't get pregnant with a child, as both will most likely cost you a great deal of money over the years.


Anonymous if you don't have the balls to place your name on your *** comment...don't comment.... Vets are not vets any longer they are butchers. In it for the money not for the well being at your pet.


They were OBVIOUSLY in it for the well being of the pet. They had her sign the pet over because she could not afford a c section.

If she didn't have that, she would have died.

They didn't have to let her sign it over. They didn't have to pay out of their pockets for the cost of care but they did so the dog could live


Never take your animal to Banfield. After my dog had surgery her wound started to reopen.

I took her to Bainfield to get a couple stitches. They said she had an infection and the medicine plus two stitches would cost a few hundred dollars. I left and took her somewhere else where they said there was no infection at all.

That drainage was normal and her wound was actually very clean. They put it a couple stitches and at a 1/3 of the price Bainfield demanded.


My dog had the same problem, Ironic right? She is a Pomeranian and she gave birth earlier then she was suppose too.

She had her first puppy on her own at home but took hours to push she second one out. I couldn't find any emergency rooms that wanted to take her in and when I called Banfield they offered us a deal so we took it, then they wanted to charge us for other stuff like her "eye" didn't look right and they wanted to remove it.

we took her to another doctor and said her eye was completely fine and she just needed eye drops and now her eye looks normal. This morning she was laying down and I noticed where she got her c section it opened up a little


Then defend this statement BANFIELD. You could have at least let the owners of the dog wait and say good bye to the dog after the surgery.

There is no reason that couldnt have been arranged, so yes that does make yall heartless.

Get a clue...I rehome dogs from the pound, Im a foster mother for a rescue and rarely do we acutally try to qualify a person who adopts because if we did we would not have many adoptions. Its a well known fact most people dont have 1500 laying around for a c section. Yall are just heartless monsters.

Im glad I ran across this story cause if I ever hear of anyone that is going to try Banfield I will tell them about how heartless yall are.


If she couldn't afford a c section, she shouldn't have let her dog get pregnant in the first place! If they would have spayed their dog, none of this would have happened.

When are people going to start holding pet owners accountable instead of Veternarians?

Banfield didn't tell her to breed her dog.

They offered her a solution so the dog could live.

They didn't have to let her surrender and they didn't have to pay out of their own pockets for the surgery. They could have just said "sorry, we can't help you" and sent her away. But they didn't. She CHOSE to sign her dog over.

So in fact, they are not heartless.

She signed a surrender form that states once you sign, you cannot have any updates, you cannot re adopt and you can't know where they go.

Once the pet is cured, they will want it back. How would that be fair?

Why would they be able to re adopt (sorry it's not even close to $500 to adopt from a rescue) when she couldn't afford the care in the first place? All of the rescues in my area screen every person to make sure the pet goes to a good home and they adopt out TONS of dogs every day.


OMG how horrible! I hope she is alive, but knowing how shady Banfield is, It wouldnt surprise me if they just put her down, sorry to say.

They dont care about helping pets, just making money. Good luck, I hope you find you/ or did already find your dog!


Lady, if they didn't care about helping pets then they would have just sent her away and told her they couldn't do anything. But they didn't, they offered a solution so the pet could LIVE.

They called her after surgery and told her the dog made it and the puppy didn't.

So she IS alive. They don't just euthanize pets for the *** of it.

& before you tell your sob story, save it.

I already know. Banfield did nothing wrong and hundreds of vets who don't work at Banfield and hundreds of people who hate banfield agreed that they did nothing wrong.


You are on here way to much! There are tons of people out there who aren't rich and even more animals out there who need homes.

If there are nice decent people out there willing to open their homes up to animals in need of LOVE AND AFFECTION why should they not be allowed to give them a home?

Basically your saying only people with thousands of dollars on hand should own pets?


And whoever said if your not Financially ready to have kids , why would you get a pet???? People all around the world are having KIDS they are/not expecting and don't have thousands of dollars to make sure EVERY little cost will be covered in their future but do whatever necessary to care for them and show them a great life. So people can do the same for their pets!

I'm not rich and don't have thousands of dollars on hand and i have 2 kids and a pom/chi and I care for them just fine! Vet bills, toys, foods, beds clothes and all. If something were to happen to where I couldn't afford my pets hospital bills there is always a way to get the money I need, because I would do the same for my children and my dog is my child!

So don't go on here saying people who can't afford to have a pet shouldn't...

There's tons of us who can prove you wrong.


When you take in an animal, you agree to become responsible for that animal. That includes financially. It's not the vets job to pay for your pets health

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