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After paying them over $500 to have my puppy's eye lids fixed, they sent him home infected and with the wrong size collar on. 2 days later, the infection, which I called about 4 times (I'm sure my phone records can prove that) blew out his stitches. I rushed him in and the tech told me they couldn't do anything that day but to bring him back at 7 am the next morning, which we did. The vet refused to talk to us or even look at the pups eyes. They wouldn't even clean them and assess the damage.

We ended up taking him to private vet and she actually told us the whole situation occurred because THEY gave him the wrong size collar and no antibiotics, which is pretty standard after surgery. Banfield wanted another $300 to fix what they caused.

If you're not in it for the animals, close. My dog is not a dollar sign. Be accountable for your screw ups. I am so angry and disappointed at vet who did the surgery and then denied accountability but instead offered to fix them for more money. He is definitely in the wrong profession.I also think all those former employees writing about how great the place is, were instructed to do so to bring their horrible rating back down. Or maybe it's just because Banfield treats people better than animals.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $650.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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I am surprised the vet refused to look at your dog. Banfield has a system of rewarding incompetency.

A slow surgeon gets to charge more because they like to charge surgical procedures according to the time it takes to do the surgery. If you are lucky enough to find a skilled and quick surgeon who takes half the time to do the same surgery, he/she is actually paid less than the quack doctor. Similarly, if the vet screws up the surgery the first time, then he/she gets paid more to "fix" it.

No reward for the good surgeon who does it correctly first time, every time. Go figure what kind of vets Banfield ends up employing and retaining.