Newark, New Jersey

I am frankly tiered of having the same conversation with these ppl. I " USE TO" go to the Banfeild in Secaucus NJ..

I have had my babies treated there for years but for 3yrs now i am having the same situation with this wellness plan. Someone tell me why, i havn't taking my dogs there in over 2 years because they keep messing up the simplist billing issue with the wellness plan. YET, they keep billing me even thow i have not renewed that plan (mind you i have 4 dogs) I am taking this situation to the level since i can not get thru to the hospital or the wellness plan ppl. and i will not stop until i get ALL my money back.

It is unfortunate becuase i really do love how they take car of my babies. Dr. Fowler is absolutly amazing with my dogs but i have complained to hear several times before and it seems to do me no good. I would not recommend anyone sign up for this wellness plan, as i beleive it is nothing but a scam.

Sure u will save money, but trying to fix simple billing issues is impossible, and they will keep taking your money without your autherization.

Pissed off " EX-custemer.

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Wellness Plan.

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