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We took out the puppy wellness plan 7 months ago for a total cost of $480.00 paid in full at the time we signed up. we only took our puppy in for a total of 4 visits this included her initial check up the day we singed up for the plan.

The other three visits consisted of a brief check up, stool sample check, 3 additional DHPP booster shots and her rabies shot on the 4 and last visit.

Our little puppy at only 7 months old suffered a sudden heart attack and passed away the other day. She never had the spaying performed or any other services performed after the 4 visit. She was scheduled to go in for her 5th visit the week of June 1st However passed away before the appointment could be made.

I called Bandfield's main office that handles the insurance coverage today 6/1/15 to advise that our puppy had suddenly passed away and requested a refund for the remaining services that had not been used (spaying) and future check ups for the remaining 5 months of the plan was in force.

The gentlemen I spoke to told me that even though we had not the puppy spayed and would be unable to use the remaining 5 months of coverage of her plan due to her passing. We had already used over $500.00 worth of services and would not be able to receive any refund. I'm livid. I paid for spaying, it was never performed, I had 5 more months of insurance coverage remaining. Yet, Banfield refused to issue any refund what so ever.

So we paid $480.00 for 12 months of coverage. Went to banfield 4 times, the spaying was never done and we had 5 months of coverage still left. And we're not owed any refund? I'd like to know how much Banfield charges per visit, and the cost of three DHPP booster shots and a rabies shot that totals over $500.00

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Wellness Plan.

Reason of review: Wellness Plan.

Banfield Pet Hospital Cons: Wellness plan and treatment of pet, Wellness plan.

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They are probably correct. Call and get copies of all your invoices it has the cost with and without the wellness plan on the invoice.

Remember they aren't insurance. They are preventative care packages.


Preventative care plans should be like any other medical care plan whether human or pet.

You either pay the premium in full or in payments for the guaranteed stated services offered. If for some reason you fail to make your monthly payments then you don't receive stated services simple.

However, when a plan such as the wellness plan states clearly what is and is not covered and one pays in full for a total of 12 months of coverage and the pet suddenly dies and can not continue receiving the remainder of stated included services, i.e Office visits, wellness check up's, included tests, series of vaccinations, spay/neuter.

One has ended up paying in full for services that can not be fulfilled as stated in the contract. Thus a refund should be issued for the non rendered/unused portion of so stated services.


Update: We ended up filing a complaint with our States Attorney Generals office regarding Banfields non refundable policy on the Wellness coverage. It appears this matter has been brought to the attention of several State AG offices and is under investigation by State law offices.

It seems the Wellness policies are not fully explained when purchased.

Therefore, Banfield personal issuing the Wellness plain policies are failing to fully disclose all police details. Further action is also being reviewed by several state's department of insurance as to whether or not wellness plans are in fact considered a form of insurance that requires a State issued insurance license by individuals selling wellness plan policies.