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I currently have 3 pets on the Banfield Wellness Plan. I had an additional pet, a stray that I took in.

I added him to our plan, an additional $39.95/mo, because I believed that he was going to be a part of our family. We could not keep him, and after 9 months of paying $39.95, I called to cancel the plan. I was informed that their policy had changed and I needed to pay an additional $104 to cancel the plan. So, if your pet dies, you are screwed.

You will owe FULL PRICE for any services you have used during your membership. There have to be better options out there.

Even if there aren't, I'd rather pay full price for vet services than give this company any more money. I will be cancelling the wellness plans for my three other pets ASAP.

Reason of review: Unfair penalty/poor policy.

Monetary Loss: $104.

Banfield Pet Hospital Pros: Doctor kolmar at mayo blvd location.

Banfield Pet Hospital Cons: Paying full price for any services used if you cancel, Ie your pet dies.

  • Banfield Wellness Plan Scam
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The wellness plan is NOT insurance.

If you cancel, for whatever reason, before the year is up they have you pay either the remainder of the months you owe or the services you've already used (at cost), whichever is cheaper.

I USED to work there.

They are not charging for services you haven't used.

I'll break it down.

Say you are on the plan that includes the dental cleaning. You've used multiple office visits, the dental cleaning, vaccines, comprehensive exam etc.

Prices without the plan (depending on where you live) Office visits- $49.95 per office visit. Dental cleaning under anesthesia - $300 Vaccines- range between $18- $30 per vaccine Felv/fiv testing- $45 Deworming- $15- $20 Comprehensive exam- $250 Bloodwork- $250 Urinalysis- $60 Plus your 15% discount on anything not included. So if you've used all that, then you've used over $800 worth of services.

The total plan cost for the year is around $400- $500 So again, they aren't charging for services you haven't used. You've used over $800 worth of services and you want to cancel and not have to pay. How is that fair? They deserve to be paid for the services that they have done.

& again, it's not insurance it's a preventive care plan. If you sign a 2yr cellphone contract and cancel before the 2yrs is up, they charge a cancellation fee.

Hope that makes sense.

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