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I cancelled 2 optimal wellness plan 2 years ago, and paid the balance of my vet bills in FULL, as Banfield told me to do so. I was told to cancel the plan I would have pay the lesser of the plan balance, or the additional cost of the services recieved without discount.

I paid. They stole my money and claimed I never paid. Which makes no sense. Why would I pay to cancel the plan for one pet and not the other?

One plan was cancelled as agreed and not the other. I cancelled and paid off both at the same time. My best guess is they probably over credited one plan, and under credited the one that they are claiming I never paid. Now its screwing over my credit report and pissed!

Banfield is the worst! I cancelled because the service was so bad and nearly killed one of my dogs.

I have since found a real vet that is as concerned about the wellbeing of my pets as I am. They cost less, care more, and don't push an overpriced useless product.

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Optimum Wellness Plan.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Banfield Pet Hospital Cons: False advertising the plan, Billing after canceling.

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Don't blame you, for, being mad. These , so-called,caring, people, at, Banfield, should be put out of, business, for,over medicating,misdiagnosis, lack of , proper care, for animals, and, gouging, customers, They, also, do, bait and switch, on, vetrinarias, by, assigning you to any vetrinarian, of , they're pick.

But , worst of all, they're , phony, concern, for animals, which, can, be, verified, by, lots of these reviews.

I'm glad, you found, a new vetrinarian , to , meet, you're animals. Obviously, love you're , extended family, more than, Banfield.

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