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Read all the reviews you can but ignore bad reviews about the vets. You can find good and bad vets everywhere...banfield does not have an exclusive on low quality vets.

The problem with Banfield is the cost. there is no real savings in fact it will cost you more. They offer a wellness plan but every visit you need something additional that is not included. Up Selling. Banfield is more like a car dealer that a true MEDICAL professional. I will not renew my contract. They got me for the first year but I will find a quality private vet. T

Suggesting you do the same.

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Wellness Plan.

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First of all moo's mommy at least they told what your cat has. :)


i am picking up my puppy today and i am choosing to go to banfield because 1 a private vet is too expensive and they make u pay upfront the whole cost which sometimes could easily bankrupt you 2 they spread the payments out 3 puppies need lots of shots not to mention worms and i need mine neutered. you need to read the contract this is a good deal where my vet use to charge me 30 for a rabies shot... 1 shot 30 dollars then the heart worm i had to pay 50 for 1 pill a month ridiculous.


i took my year and a half old kitty there when he became sick..the vet did blood work xrays nor did she suggest any..said he had failing kidneys..that he needed an i.v. treatment for hydration because he was dehydrated..that he needed special prescription food, and that he would need these i.v.

treatments once a day at was his first time there...i had tried to sign up for one of the wellness programs when i first brought him in...after they got the blood work back and saw his numbers were high on certain things that could indicate kidney failure, they told me i could no longer be eligible to get the program, since he was already sick..and he would need additional things done...said it could also be that he ate something toxic,since he was at such a young age for kidney failure, as well as he was constipated, yet they still didn\'t suggest an xray, or even a cat scan(pardon the pun) to see if it was just a blockage of some kind...she told me how to insert the needle just under his skin to inject the fluids daily, which they happen to sell a ten day only supply of,along with the i.v. line and a set of ten needle points for $58....if this is something he would need for the next two years which she informed me he could have left if we kept him on the special diet and the fluids daily, as well as sold me a laxative to help with his constipation, then why do they only sell this fluid in ten day supplies...meanwhile, while researching online i found out two things from other cat owners that have senior cats with kidney failure, which was that A.) they only have to do the fluids to their cats twice a week..and B.)that the fluids can be bought by the case..for varying costs,but roughly about $35. for a 12 bag case..12 bags of 1000 ml. each for $35....the i.v.

line CAN be reused i found out from a doctor, and the needles can be bought online for about 36 cents each...banfield said that the i.v. line absolutely cannot be reused and would sell me another for each new bag for 26 dollars and change each..and the needles were overpriced as well for the ten day supply...i called the next day to ask more questions as this was all mind boggling to me this news about my cat and i.v.\'s and all..and asked her if my cat was going to die soon? like, was he really this bad?..she told me:\" well, everything dies eventually\"...i said this is what i paid you all that money for? for you to say that to me..the caring and compassion seemed to be lacking fully...she never said to bring him back in after awhile to see how he was doing..or to let her know that was it...she was done! the way...the special prescription diet cat food for renal failure,i also found out researching supposed to be introduced slowly into their regular food so that they can get used to it..and wean them off the old food and onto the new..another thing she failed to tell we bought all these cans of the one flavor only food, which has pork in it..(i\'ve never heard of ANY cat food with pork in it)at $1.59 a small can..and a small bag of dry food for $38.!!

and went home and tried to feed it to him...he took a few bites..and refused to ever touch it again...he wouldn\'t have it, even when mixed with reg. food...he hated should\'ve been told to us how to do it by the vet, but she didn\'t..another thing she \"forgot\" to tell us, was about the lock on the i.v. line that stops the fluid from coming out..and that you have to move it up, so the fluids can come out..i gingerly inserted the needle into the skin..but we noticed the fluids weren\'t coming out, and made a frantic call to the hospital to find out what happened..they told us on the phone to push the thing up..and it worked finally...the next day..we called back there, to make sure we had done it right, as we aren\'t at all experienced with giving i.v. fluids...we were told that no we couldn\'t come in to be shown one more time how to do them, unless we paid $37.for their time..something that would\'ve taken maybe ten we seemed at that point that it was all about the money...unfortunately, the i.v.\'s proved to be too much for me to handle\'s really hard..both physically holding the cat and trying to get this big needle into the extra skin behind the shoulders, and keeping it in, and making sure i\'m not poking him elsewhere with it, while my partner holds the bag up in the air and squeezes it to get the fluids out faster than the 5-6 minutes it takes to do this..the physical part of doing it is something i cannot do..i just can\'t and my partner absolutely hates anything to do with needles, so he\'s no help stopped..unfortunately, out cat is doing very poorly..we decided to just give him whatever cat food he would eat..and lately, we open can after can hoping that maybe he\'ll eat some of this, since he wouldn\'t eat the last..and he takes a few bites and stops now..if that..he drinks water alot tho, which is good and goes to the box on his own..we make him as comfortable as possible and pray for the best..but he\'s lost so much weight..and is pretty much out of it..i bought this stuff called \"tripsy\" online, from pet well,it\'s all natural for cats w/kidney problems..herbs and stuff to help prevent any more crystals from forming in the urinary tract, and all gives him a bit of energy, tho i have to fight him to give him the little bit by dropperful, but it does seem to keep him going so far...otherwise, banfield was of not much help to us, except to give a maybe prognosis, not answer any questions with any real answers(well,everything dies eventually)and take alot of our money...thanks for nothing banfield...i\'ll let you know when we bury our baby...we\'re hoping he\'ll hold on till at least after christmas..after all the money we spent on banfield, we couldn\'t afford to go to a private vet for a second opinion, but he is really not doing good at all..and banfield was of not much help to us..i won\'t ever go there again...wasted alot fo our money and didn\'t really help us much..i did ask the vet about the twice a week as opposed to the daily i.v.

treatments..she said, \" well some vets do it that way..i do it this way\"..i\'m shrugging at this response..doesn\'t really answer my question does it?... :sigh

@moo's mommy

Sorry but hey at least it loves you :sigh

@moo's mommy

I have been a tech for 7 different vets and completed one year of nursing school. The IV line MUST be replaced with each bag.

It is a sterility issue. The exposed side of bag is open to unsterile conditions, when u pull the sterile line out of the bag and it touches the unsterile side of bag = contaminating the fluids. IV fluids every day is a bit much for maintenance, but depending on severity, It may be warranted for a few days. X-rays should have been offered, but bloodwork gives a pretty good estimate of what is going on.

Stool can also be felt via a comprehensive exam of the abdomen.


for the record, the wellness plan coverages are spelled out plainly in the papers YOU sign when you purchase them. If you price check and get the accurate prices for all of the services it includes you would see the savings.

I have worked in the vet field for years and have just recently quit my job (due to unethical practices and poor employee treatment) at a privately owned vet\'s office to go and work for banfield. I also used to take my dog there when she was a puppy (only changed vet\'s when I got the job at one)and even though i signed up for the plan after she had already gotten some of her shots at another vet, they agreed to let me use the credit for the unused shots to cover the cost of additional dewormers, (she had rounds and tapes very badly-poor pup off the streets) they also went out of their way to make it clear they love pets in general and mine was always treated as one of the family there. being in the field as long as I have you would know that just like human doctors animals doctors go into a \"practice\" and not a perfect! which would mean that most complaints on here could have easily happened at any other vet in the world.

all that said it is truly a sad sad day when a pet is lost because of an oversight or a bad judgment call and my thoughts go out to those who have lost.

I had a dog that was half-collie (also lab/husky mix in her-she looked like a black husky) there is a medication you cannot give collies, my parents did not tell the vet that she was half collie just that she was a lab mix, so they gave her the medication, 6 days later she was dead, this stuff does happen unfortunately, but with some of these cases, it sounds like it could have been a reaction not something the doctor did specifically. one last thing, no there is no monthly quota that you have to fill as far as how many wellness plans you HAVE to sell


Both of my dogs are on the plan and it is well worth it. All vaccinations are covered, they get 2 dental cleanings a year, they get internal testing and routine screenings, and we get a discount on anything additional, i.e.

grooming or medication. There is no cost to bring your pet in to be looked at if you suspect there is a problem. No other vet office would offer that! Yes, there is a monthly fee, but in this economy especially, I would rather spread these payments out each month than be handed a hefty bill all in one shot.

Or worse, decide that I can't afford the large bill and then have to cut back on their care. This is just my personal experience.


they definitely try to up sale way too much. they're probably trained to do it but for the people that don't know any better it's so unfair!

i took my dog in for vaccines and they tried to get me to spay her.

...she is already spayed!!

if they would look at the paperwork that i filled out then they wouldn't have looked like such idiots and i might have higher respect for them.

it's great to go in for vaccines during the wellness hours and not get charged for exam fees but owners need to be VERY careful when listening to the suggestions of the vet/assistants. they always try to get me to pay them to bathe and clean my dogs' ears, clip their toenails, etc. after they're a little dirty from the park. that adds up to almost $100.

i go to banfield for inexpensive vaccines but if my dogs were to have an issue i would take them to the local animal hospital, instead of the 'walmart of vets'.


They give you the option if you want something done, its not like their making you!!!!!


I take all of my three pets to Banfield, and so far I have saved $5000 on them in the two years I've been going I'm pretty satisfied.


i also have to agree with the other commenters. I signed my "free" puppy up on a plan and had her spayed, dewormed and all her vaccines for 21.95 a month for 12 months.

My brother also got a "free" puppy and had to pay $600 on the first visit to his vet for a fecal exam, deworming, flea and heartworm prevention and first round of shots.

The plans really help but they do not cover everything your pet will need. they only cover what is on that pamphlet.


You can find \"good\" and \"bad\" vets anywhere even at a \"private\" vet. Banfield employed private vets, it is a private practice that just happens to have a corporate tie.

Perhaps we should be educated consumers and pet owners and read contracts and ask questions when documents are signed instead of blaming the \"big bad company\" for our poor consumer decisions.

I have taken my pets to several vets over the years including Banfield vets. Banfield is the same as any other practice out there and you are just as likely to have a good experience there as you are at another vet..just like with human doctors you need to be aware of what you are paying for...


It's true that you may be paying additional small fees for services, perhaps you did not choose the correct wellness plan. I've saved thousand of dollars over the past 4 years with Banfield.

My pet has had surgery and been correctly diagnosed, they even encourage 2nd opinions. After speaking with several friends with pets, comparing my savings with what they pay for a private vet, I;m more than satisfied.

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