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On Wednesday, June 8, 2016 I called Banfield at 6 PM asking them to see my dog Emma. She had recently suffered from a seizure, was extremely lethargic and had blood in her stool.

I told them that this was an emergency and that Emma's current vet was closed. They told me that they are no longer seeing patients because they close in an hour. I ended up taking Emma to Emergency Vet Care in North Charleston. She passed away shortly after.

Thought I do not believe that Banfiled could of saved Emma's life but what kind of vet would turn away an animal in need because they are closing in an hour?????

This tells me that the staff at Banfield does not truly care about animals. I will never consider Banfield as a vet and will no longer pruchase items from PetSmart because of the affiliation.

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Veterinarian.

Reason of review: Lack of caring.

Banfield Pet Hospital Cons: Denied care to a pet in need, Sent away in time of need.

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Banfield hospitals are not equipt to deal with emergencies. They run on a very low budget and normally only have 1 doctor on staff who is fully booked with their own clients right up until closing weeks in advance.

There is simply no extra time to squeeze in really sick pets because they would not get the attention or time that they deserve. Also they do not offer any after hours care or extensive testing, so a very sick pet would have to be transferred for those things anyway. If your pet is having an EMERGENCY then it needs to be taken to an EMERGENCY hospital. Not to mention that you would have been a new client and they have to give priority their existing clients.

Your vet was shut, I'm not sure why you are mad at another vet that has no relationship with you or your pet when they weren't able to fit you in and recommended you seek the appropriate care at an ER honesty would have been shocking if they were able to see you. You are probably just mad because you didn't have any pet insurance of financial safety net to cover the ER fees....which is 100% your fault, not the vets.


First of all, I'm sincerely sorry for your loss.

However, Banfield closed in 1 hr. They likely still had pets there at the clinic that they were seeing/treating.

You don't know how many pets were already there and if any of them were sick pets or they may have already had an emergency. Just because they wouldn't see your pet, or any other new pets, does not mean they didn't have pets there already.

Your pet was obviously in critical condition, which is what emergency hospitals are for.

By the time you got to banfield, depending on how far away you were and even if you got there within 5min, that still does not give them enough time to examine her, get a treatment plan together and treat her. There was likely only one doctor on staff.

Even if you would have went there, they likely would have sent you to emergency anyway for further treatment.

So not only would you have paid an office visit there and maybe pay for tests, but then you would have had to pay an office visit at the emergency hospital plus more tests and whatever else needed.

Again your pet was in critical condition and that's what emergency hospitals are for. I really don't see a valid reason for your complaint. Just because they couldn't see your pet, does not mean they don't care.

If you had a seizure, were lethargic and had blood in your stool, you wouldon't go to the emergency room and not your primary physician. & No. I don't work at Banfield.

I did for 6yrs tho. The two doctors I worked with were phenomenal and truly cared about each pet AND each owner.


Banfield is a preventive care practice, not an emergency hospital. Even if they would have attempted to stabilize your dog, you cannot fix seizures and bloody stool in an hour.

They would have transferred her to the ER anyway.

If you went to your private practitioner in this state, know what they would do? Send you to an ER.

I'm sorry your pup passed.

That is never easy. But don't take your frustrations out on a hospital that did the right thing.

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