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Same thing pretty much as the other consumers on this site. I purchased the month to month plan for my dog.

He needed some x-rays...OMGoodness $400.00 really and then the meds that are suppose to be 10-15% off...really? I went to cancel my contract and they said I still owed for 6 months. Hold on a second. I specifically asked the clerk before purchase about cancellation and she said Oh yes, you could cancel at anytime...she stopped there and failed to finish the sentence which is...but there will be a fee which is the remaining portion of the year.

Total BS and my *** pup still isn't doing any better. Misleading people should be against the law however they get away with it because it states it in their very lengthy "contract". You know it's all BS and they hear complaints all the time or those words would not be the first thing out of their months.

To bad the Better Business Bureau couldn't get involved.

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Wellness Plan.

Monetary Loss: $380.

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I worked at banfield.... And yeah it was unenjoyable, especially the clients.

What people don't understand is the wellness plan terms. Read the contract please. You are purchasing a bundle of services for $300-$400. Banfield is allowing you to SPREAD THE COST OVER 12 MONTHS.

So when you want to cancel, of course you need to pay.... It's a contract. Even if your pet dies! Banfield doesn't just forget about the contract.

If you go under the knife for heart surgery and you die.... Don't you understand the surgeon who went to school for 20 years is still going to charge you?


I AGREE!!! You buy a bundle of services.

You can't buy a phone from Verizon and just end anytime because you fell like it.

You have to pay the remaining monthly payments or services you used out of pocket whichever is cheaper.


Banfield P

Hi Anonymous - I’m sorry that the plan did not meet your expectations. I hear your frustration and would like the opportunity to further understand your concerns. I am hoping that you see fit to contact our Wellness Plan Relations Team at 866-894-7927 or WellnessPlanRelations(at)banfield(dot)net to talk with us about your experience.

Most sincerely,

The Banfield Team


Maybe you should read the contract you signed. Obviously not too smart to sign something without reading it.

I am so sick of people who don't read the contract they sign them complain about the company.

Can you cancel your cell phone contract in the middle of the year without paying a penalty.? I think not


You CAN cancel any time, you just have to pay for what you used on the plan. The plan takes a bunch of services, totals the value for all of them, discounts that value, then splits it into 12 payments.

You don't use the same amount of services each month. For example, if you come in one day and get a comprehensive exam, vaccines, and tests, you just used a lot of money worth of services. But then you might not come back in for a few months. You still have to pay those months that you don't see the vet so you are financing the services you use during the entire year.

The reason you had to pay a remainder when you cancelled is because when you cancel, you have to pay for the value of the services you already used. So lets say you used up $200 worth of services in one visit, but only paid 2 monthly payments of $35 each, that means you only paid $75 worth of $200 services. You can't just cancel the plan and not pay them the $125 of services YOU USED. Think about it - everyone would sign up for the plan, use all the expensive services in the first visit, then cancel.

Doesn't make sense.

I also don't know why you're complaining about the cost of x-rays. I worked for Banfield (not anymore) and several independent hospitals, and Banfield's x-rays were the same price as the other hospitals.

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