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I took my 17 mo old Papillion to Banfield Vet on 3/3/11, he was in good health, per the documentation I have. All he needed was a Rabies shot. He got his Rabie shot, but also other shots he did not need.

The sold me Worm Shield for a Heart worm preventative, he weighs no more than 10 lbs. He was up-to-date on all of his other shots. I took the documentation from the vets and vet tech (who is the breeder) and I was informed because he puppy shots were not administered by a Vet they could not accept them. So they gave him Bordetella, Distemper/Parvo/DAPP and Rabies. I was also told I have to bring him back for a booster shot in 3 weeks. I had no problem with the Bordetella, as he does go to a groomer at Petsmart and I knew that was for Kennel Cough.

On 3/17/11 I did take him back to get his booster Distemper/Parvo/DAPP like I was asked to do. The next day 3/18/11 I gave him his Heartworm Pill,(wormshield) for up to 25 lbs. Within 15 mins he was dead.

It has been researched that Under NO situation, or any animal should be give any Ivermectin product for at least 2 weeks after the last vaccine.

MSU states that because he was administered that ingredient is why he died.

I had read the instructions thoroughly and there is no place that it is or was stated that there should be a waiting period from vaccines to taking this product. The Vet didn't even say anything when she gave me the tablets. There is no warning on this product, nor would I have known about this except for the research that was done to confirm the death.

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Pet Vaccination.

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My 10 year old came to bring our dog to the vet this past weekend. Our dog only leaves our yard to go to the vet to get his rabies vaccine every three years, otherwise, he is home in our acre property running around and playing.

The vet tech came in the room and basically told us if we cared about our dog we would give him every single shot and treatment they suggest. My son turned to me and whispered in my ear "she's the salesman here right?" Yep. They care about the $$$$$$ not the dog they see once a year!

They said call if the dog got sick, I called because he was dry heaving all night long, they said call back if he has a seizure. :(


I would sue Banfield, There are far to many dogs dying after visiting these vets. I would not take any of my dogs or pets near the place.


I think it's funny that most the people having comments on this site "research" products themselves, yet still no know nothing about the topics. You should not own animals.


OK, I believe this poor woman who lost her puppy should not be chastised when she was dealing with a vet who gave her puppy the vaccinations and the heartworm medication. Have you done your research?

There have been recalls on heartworm medication sold by Banfield.


Have you done YOUR research? The recall was because the dose was too low, thus not fully protecting dogs from heartworm. It was NOT because of adverse reactions.


I am very sorry to hear about your loss.

Although you have done the research on the heart worm prevention, though you did not state whether you had an autopsy done on your pet, there is no known reason for his death. I know how hurt you were about this, but you can't just jump to conclusions and I understand it happened within 15min after giving him his pill.

Also I am started the prevention on the 2nd visit and not after the 1st visit???


To BB: am just seeing this but yes they have a shot for heartworm its called proheart. Your pup cannot get it until 7 months of age after a heartworm test.


I brought my Aussie to Bamfiels, yesterday.Vet gave my 8 week old Distemper shot and Benadryl shot, in case of reaction. Then, I asked about heartworm medicine.

She said she.would give some to take home for pup. I am highly irritated, because I knew about a possible gene mutalation that all.Aussies, Collies and certain other breeds may.have. If given a certain heart worm med.,.they.could.die, if they have both copies of the mutating gene. Thevet did not know.about it, or even wasn't concerned, she mentioned nothing.

At the time, I my mind.was.completely blank. I forgot.about it.

The vet should have known about my dog's breed havingthe.possible mutation, and I know.they have a heart worm shot.


Heartworm prevention is still safe to give Aussies, even if they have the mutation. What is unsafe is to give them high dose Ivermectin (the common treatment for demodectic mange). Source: I am a vet.


My baby has been going to Banfield since he was a baby! Because he has always been 'Small' they suggested we give him a Pre-Shot, this Protects him from having a bad reaction to any of his regular shots.

He too was given his first worm medication in the office, right after his shots, the only thing I ever noticed was he was a bit tired. Later in the day, he was his usual happy healthy puppy!

I'm SO sorry for your loss, I don't know what I would do if I ever lost my Best Friend! I'd be devastated!


Please note--I do not work for Banfield. Adverse vaccine reactions usually take place within minutes of vaccination, not 24-48 hours later.

It is possible that your dog had a reaction to the ivermectin product. Was he ill in between receiving the vaccine and the heartworm preventative?


sorry for your loss. My puppy throws up and has soft stool after taking worm sheild.

I am going to change his medicine to make sure he is not getting hurt.

Seems like they know that some dogs have reactions to these medicines but still tell you its ok to keep them on it until you finish your supply. This seems silly to me.


i am sorry for that.

but i heard vaccines can cause death.... they gave my puppy a shot before the vaccine to prevent side effects on him. after that he got his shots and he was a little bit down for a few hours, after that he was the same active/hipper puppy!!


I'm so sorry to read this. How horrible for you.

I don't think it was the wormshield though. My two dogs both had vaccines and then took their wormshield within 2 days, and both were fine.

Still, how tragic for you. I'm so sorry for your loss.


I had a puppy that I got from the SPCA, had most of her shots, but not all recommended. Went to the vet, got the rest of her shots, gave her Worm Shield at the Banfield vet's office and she did not have a single problem.

She was romping around like normal after the visit.

I think your poor puppy had a vaccine reaction. Sorry for your loss, but it isn't the Worm medicine that caused the death.


OK, first of all, he probably died of a vaccine reaction cause he is a weak little ***. also DAPP is distemper/Parvo you dirty ***.

And there is no correlation to wormshield ever causing a reaction with vaccines. MSU has their heads in their ***.


Hmmm.. You are so rude..

The puppy was not a weak whatever you called him.. You must not like animals at all you little ***..

Keep your bad opinions about the babys to yourself.. Noone needs any opinions from Someone as insensitive and *** as you ...


Definitly sounds like a vaccine reaction. Was there lepto in the mix? That is one of the most common reactors..


sounds like he had a vacs reaction.


Btw, he was a handsome little thing and once again I'm sorry for your loss!

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