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this happened about a year ago (i just found this website, and just have to say something)

i just got a 6 week old lab retriever puppy (max), everything was okay. a few weeks later, my dad told me that my puppy was acting funny, that he thought max was sick. we just moved to oakland (nothing was set up at my house, so i had no internet or anything) and i wasn't familiar with the city, so i called 411 to get the number to banfield.

they connected me to banfield and the person at the desk gave me an address. i rushed to the address they gave me. the address they gave me was 1555 E 14th St. i searched for banfield, even asked for direction to banfield, but no banfield. after calling them many times, another person got on the phone and said the address again, it turns out it was 15555 E 14th St. THE LAST PERSON LEFT OUT A 5!!! it took me a total of 6 HOURS!!! to find the freaken location.

when i got there, they said they had to run different test so i was like, okay even if it was like $200. turns out max had parvo. they just told me that max need i.v. care, and it would cost me about $300 a day. they never told me that parvo will kill my dog if i don't take care of it now. so max got the i.v. care, it was like for 2 hours and they told me that they wouldn't charge me for the i.v. care tomorrow but will be charged for the watching him.

max seemed like he got better when he came back to me, but during the night it got worst, he was peeing blood. he went back to banfield the next morning and by pick up time, the doctor said that he should be put down because he's doing worst.

it broke my heart 'cause all banfield was thinking about is how to make more money, they said that because they caught the parvo early (the day before), and he should survive. and the next day they said that we should put him down, that he was not gonna make it, they offered me all these packages to put him down. i had to give up max that day. he was so young. i just keep thinking that if that lady gave me the freaken address right, maybe max could have had that 6 hours, it would made a difference, he would still be with me.

so after max was gone, banfield still had people call me and survey me about how the service was. the most *** thing banfield did was send max a happy birthday card telling us to go back for a check up.

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:sigh They sent you a Happy Birthday card for a Deceased Pet? As a veterinary technician I can definitely tell you that's a place NOT looking out for the best interest of your pet.

They just see potential $$$.

Banfield is the *** of vet clinics in the vet tech world. I know many vets who will simply throw a tech's resume in the trash if they see "Banfield" on it as experience.

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