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I had been working at Banfield for a little over a year full time. I picked up a part time position on the side to help with the finances.

My practice manager became very upset with the fact that I was going to get another position. She forced me to go part time because I was unable to work weekends any longer at the hospital. When I was forced to part time the practice manager took away health benefits and still had me working full time hours which is a BS. The Company expects the staff to work hard for them but never recive anything in return such as a pay increase or etc.

And to promote their wellness plans but in all reality its all about Quantity and not the quality of care of the pets. Vets are recive bonuses along with the Practice manager every year so of course they are going to upcharge to make themselves more money in the long run.

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While I agree that Banfield is a sh*tty company to work for, I don't think your manager is necessarily being unfair about making you a part time employee. If you previously worked weekends, and then just told (instead of asking) your manager that you could no longer work weekends...well what did you expect to happen?

In general, weekends are the busiest days, so having an employee declare that they can no longer work them makes the hospital have to find someone else to fill those slots. Also - no one wants to work weekends all the time, so either the other employees are going to have to increase their number of weekend shifts to cover you, or the hospital will have to hire someone else to cover weekends.

I do agree that if your manager is still giving you full-time hours, you should receive benefits. This happened to me, as well.

However, my manager explained that it was temporary until she found someone else to hire (which often takes weeks to find someone qualified). In terms of full time vs.

part time - the company sets those standards, not the Fair Labor Standards Act. If you continue to work full time (for maybe more than 3+ weeks in a row), I would bring it up with your manager or field leadership, because that really isn't fair.

to Beez #932199

No one should want to be associated with ever having employment at a Banfield. On your future applications for employment I would definitely leave out the part admitting you ever worked at one!

to Anonymous #932271

I actually found it VERY helpful in getting my next job. I explained the reason why I was seeking a position at another hospital was because although I valued my coworkers and respected te vets, working for a large corporation with so many regulations often restricted our ability to provide exceptional customer service.

I wanted to work at some place that valued the customer and created personal relationships. I wasn't overly negative and said some positive things about the hospital, but also explained my desire to work at a different type of hospital.

The hiring manager loved it. That explanation landed me a new job AND admittance into vet school.

to Anonymous Deptford Township, New Jersey, United States #933147

I agree! Banfield is HORRIBLE!

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