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Banfield should advertise that they have incompetent veterinarians who can't manage pets with any issues outside of vaccines and dental care. I have repeatedly had to wait for med refills to be sent to the pharmacy, had to call multiple times for the same prescription to be sent, have had vets wait a week before returning a phone call or following up with lab results.

Recently my dog was having a stroke and I called them, she hadn't had one before so I didn't know that's what it was, they took a message, called me back 30 minutes later when so was already on my way there to tell me it was "a side effect of her medication". I was then told they may not see her because they no longer had walk in appointments. The girls was rude on the phone and the vet didn't bother to call me back when I called with an urgent concern. My dog wasn't even on any new meds!

I am so frustrated that after more than 15 years at multiple Banfield locations I am taking my dog elsewhere and I will never return. They are overpriced, undereducated and inattentive.

DO NOT TAKE TOUR PET THERE!!!! Oh and if your dog passes away they make you pay the regular price for all services you used during that plan year or the monthly premium for the rest of the plan year - total rip off, no heart and only worried about lining their pockets.

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Veterinarian.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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If you thought your pet was having a stroke, you should have gone straight to your nearest emergency clinic. Banfield is not an emergency clinic and they are not set up for major emergencies ( most GP's aren't).

That being said, the doctor should have definitely called you back right away.

I have been in veterinary medicine for over 7yrs now, the first 6yrs being at banfield. I am not a fan of the corporate people or the higher ups, but I can say that the 2 main doctors I worked with (well 3, one left shortly after I started) were absolutely phenomenal. Please don't judge all banfields based on your experience at one location. Banfield staff is different at every location.

We had clients drive anywhere from 5min-2hrs to come to the location I worked at. One of the vets I worked with had been with banfield for over 20yrs.

Also to be honest, I've met and worked with some terrible privately owned clinic doctors.

Please file a complaint with not only the office manager at that location, but also ask them for the CAT team phone number. It's the client advocate team.

Sounds like that hospital needs some serious training on customer service.

I hope your pup is okay & I truly hope that you get everything sorted out. If you don't stay with banfield, I hope you find a vet that you love


Let me say a few things. 1 - I am not a vet and she also has Canine Cognitive Dysfunction I wasn’t sure it was a stroke or a symptom of her CCD so I trusted the vet to give me an opinion.

The reality is the vet didn’t call back she had the receptionist call, who knew nothing more than the message she relayed. I have been to other Banfirleds after living in 3 other states while finishing up my own schooling so no they aren’t all bad, that why this review has an address and I specifically discuss the on in Jacksonville. It would have taken me just asking to get to the emergency vet anyway given I live 45 minutes from it so she. They called back i was either going to Banfield if they were going to see my dog or to the emergency vet if they weren’t going to see her or if they had suggested that.

Unfortunately I trusted my vets feedback.

I have filed two previous complaints about their seemingly non-functional fax machine and waiting extensive time periods for them to fax refills to a regular pharmacy for specialty meds they don’t carry so no I wasn’t really up for filing another complaint that was going to fall on deaf ears. I get you wanting to add your 2 cents but in my case it’s utterly irrelevant.


Not everyone has thousands of dollars that ER clinics charge! As you are a vet tech, you get your animals care for free.

I do miss that when I worked at a shelter. You seem very judgemental of anyone that speaks badly of Banfield. I had a kitten almost die when I used Banfield. I ended up taking her to a shelter vet, and he diagnosed her correctly and gave my kitty the right meds.

The vet was much cheaper, and more knowledgeable. Even though he was overwhelmed with clients, he still showed more compassion than Banfield.

My pets now go to a vet that has fair pricing and truly cares about animals. That is rarely a trait found at Banfield.

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