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ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE!!! The Doctor was extremely rude and when I picked up my cat from getting his teeth cleaned he was covered in his own pee and blood.

They told me I needed to take him to cat behavior classes because he was mean to them so they wouldn't bathe him. He has never acted like that with anyone not even the a different vet I took him to later to have a few teeth removed. I have never had such a worst experience and then had to pay the rest of the years fee since I stupidly signed up for the program and they wouldn't let me cancel it without paying a fee even after I told them how awful it was.

Read the reviews of all Banfield Hospitals in general, they are scammers and some people's pets have died because of them. Don't waste your time or money!!

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If the staff was decently trained they would know how to handle aggressive pets. Since the vet's and staff have no experience, they cannot even do the basics such as bathe a cat.

I mean the even mess up nail trimmings. Bayfield is pathetic.


Well if you're cat is being aggressive towards the staff why would the staff risk themselves to bathe your pet? Cats are temperamental even the sweetest kittens.

I'm not defending Banfield but put yourself in their situation. Would you pet a growling dog?

No! It's an unfortunate situation for you and your pet but you can't blame the staff for that, maybe you should take those cat behavioral classes a second thought.


After reading many of these complaints. I think the State's attny General's offices needs to conduct an investigation at Bnafeild clinics. It sounds as if the clinics are over booked and many procedures as well as the vets and staff are rushed in order to get through the high volume of scheduled animals for the day.

Medical care and medical procedures should not be compromised or pose a risk to either human or an animal's life for any reason.

Dallas, Texas, United States #996431

wow, looks like they harmed him bad. SUE THEM!

i hate it when people torture animals like this! Sue them for double the money you had to pay to them!

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