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If anyone has any interest in their pet I would highly recommend staying away from any Banfield location. All they do is lie to you to get your money!!!

I had the unfortunate experience of having my Golden Retriever(Sahara) get defensive about a bone with my Fiances Toy Yorkie (Roxie). After Sahara nipped at Roxie we noticed that Roxie's eye was out of her socket. So we rushed her to Banfield because I used to take Sahara there and that was the closest vet we could think of.

This was the biggest mistake I made. When we got there it took 2 hours before they told us what could be done, then they lied saying they would be able to stick the eye back in the socket. That there may be complications down the road where it may need to be removed in time if it doesn't heal properly. That this would only cost $1,400 for the operation.

Well the 2nd biggest mistake was asking them to proceed with the procedure. They told us that we can go home and they would give us a call when it was all said and done.

Well we got a call in about an hour and they said everything looks good to come there and pick up Roxie. Which is one big lie!!!

So we get there and they tell us sorry we couldn't put the eye in but you still owe us $900, and we recommend taking it to an emergency 24/7 vet. Yes you'll have to pay them as well. When I complained that I should have to pay for a procedure that wasn't done as promised they held Roxie hostage and wouldn't give her to us until we did. We had no choice since we needed to get her to the real Vet as soon as possible.

Blue Pearl where we took her to had her in right away and called us no later then 30 minutes and said the procedure went perfect and it only took her 10 minutes to do the operation. That her eye is responding to light and has movement and should heal great with maybe a little loss in vision.

Yet Banfield couldn't do anything in almost 3-4 hours????

Again I repeat stay away from Banfield if you value your pets life!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Pet Medical Service.

Monetary Loss: $900.

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