5/21/12.. I was just trying to get dog food for my dog, she's on a special diet and can only have science diet ld, after calling to see if my vet had called In the prescription, witch they said he did and it was in, so I drove all the way there, a half an hour out of my way, to find out they did not have it, after the rude receptionist leaving me to wate for 45 min and another lady next to me complaining to, I lost all patience and left mumbleing all the way... This place sucks...

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Like the other person said its not Banfields fault we did not have I/D. Petsmart is the one that keeps it in stock dont blame us. Usually if your NICE we would call another store to see who has it in stock for you and we dont even have to do that.

Banfield Pet Hospital

Thank you for your feedback and for bringing your concerns to our attention. We apologize that one of our hospitals has left you feeling this way, we strive to provide our clients and their pets with high quality medicine and exceptional client experiences on every visit. Please contact us at 877-500-2288 or internet.inquiries@banfield.net so we can gather more information on your experience and address your concerns, thank you.


First of all, you have to call PetSmart to see of they carry the food. Yes, you need a prescription for the food thru Banfield, but you need to make sure it is IN STOCK. PetSmart decides what foods they will carry - Banfield will authorize any presciption food and along as there is a legitamate prescription from a legitamate veterinarian.

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