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Wellness plan is a joke/scam. Always found something wrong with my dog so i had to buy medication all the time and delayed spay.

Never recieved spay after paying over 1000 in the plan and meds. Just paid it off i figured i would be saving. Just got my dog spayed today for 200 dollars. Banfield is not very personable with animals at all.

The docter always forget that my dog was a female. Called the main office and that didnt help at all. Just got a phone call a few days later reminding me to make an appt to spay which was already made. Then got a call the night before saying they doublebooked and had to reschedule my appt.

Thought they would have noticed a little earlier than the night before being that appts are made a month in advance for spays. How long is this company going to get away with this FRAUD!!

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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I agree with all that you said, I too have complained and they still want to pretend that they care, what a joke. I am ready to stand in fronht of petsmart and warn all customer's that go into that store.

I also will never buy anything in there store again.

I am just totally disgusted with the rip off artist that started this business and cant believe they continue to get away with it. they suck