I was beside myself with grief for what they did to my dog. I wrote a note with directions of what was supposed to be done.

I showed the receptionist exactly where the small tag was and what needed to be done. I went to pick her up and noticed the huge wound in her side. I was livid. Sure, I received an apology.

But this is not the first time an error was made. I have a Border Collie and, apparently they easily develop fatty tumors. I noticed that my current dog was gaining weight but there was no reason for it. It reminded me of the misdiagnosis of my former Border Collie in Baltimore.

I voiced my concerns. My thought is/was that the weight gain, w/out more food, in addition to no extra exercise, paired with her age and demeanor: the dogs gained weight by way of all of the fatty tumors they had; the ones inside that you cant feel. I am talking of a lot of weight. I asked, specifically, for an xray, gave my explicit consent in writing, and the xrays were not done, as they werent done in Baltimore.

When I went in for the information session after my dog had been seen, the vet was clueless about her condition, what I had asked for, what i had given in writing and the directions I had given, in writing for the other two pets I had dropped off at the same time. I think I am done.

It is such a shame, they could be great but this has been going on for over 10 years, and one of my dogs is dead. You know, just about the hardest thing to go through...

Monetary Loss: $8000.

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Most vet's offer 'drop off's' because that way they can see the pet when they have time and the owner does not have to get upset because they had to wait. It is common in many vets.

It is for the convenience of the owner and in my experience the pet has the opportunity to be seen when the vet does have time to really look at it and they have the opportunity to really spend time looking at the pet(noticing things they may not otherwise). This practice also allows poor businesses to take advantage and not spend time with your pet and take advantage of this convenience. It just depends on ethics.

You should always make sure to talk in person or on the phone with the vet if you are doing this. Why would you not make sure you talked to the vet that is seeing your dog?


I work in the veterinary field. It is so important to ask around locally and go with your gut about a vet.

There are terrible vets just like there are terrible Dr.'s. Maybe more. Just because it says Banfield does not mean they are good or bad. I have seen many good vets at Banfield and some bad ones at private practices.

Not every Banfield has the same practices or the same Dr.'s. It is our responsibility as consumors and pet owners to make sure we look into our veterinary care, ask questions, be informed, and dont spend your money someplace that does not feel right!


This is why Banfield shouldn't allow people to just drop off their dogs. They do it all the time for a comprehensive exam.

This owner has a lot of misinformation that could have easily been addressed with a discussion between her vet and the doctor. Dogs don't gain weight "by way of all of the fatty tumors they had; the ones inside that you cant feel." By their very nature, fatty tumors (lipomas) are subcutaneous, meaning you CAN see and feel them. They aren't hidden on the inside as this owner assumes, so an xray would have been pointless. A lot of weight gain in an older dog without any change in exercise or diet most likely points toward a metabolic disorder.

The dog should get bloodwork done to rule out hypothyroidism or other disorders. Also, having patients drop off in the morning doesn't make sense because owners have a lot of misinformation like this. It's the doctor's job to recommend diagnostics, not the owner. Sure, if you want xrays, I guess they can be done.

Banfield does too much to maximize profit. Having drop offs without client-doctor interaction is terrible as a) problems can be missed, b) it leads to improper client education and c) it opens the door for miscommunication.

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