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I can't Believe you expected a vet to do work for free. They have bills just like you and they worked hard to get their vet degree.

Just like a human doctor. Do not expect anymore from a human doc. Or a vet as they both have a business. You are an entitled person .

I am an RN and would never care for anyone for free. I feelpeoplework hard for where they are and deserve to be paid for work performed. No one in the world should give you anything for free. Also bet your credit is bad cause you do not pay yourbills.

*** I would never trust someone like you. You did not love your pet or you would have put away a little bit of money every month for just this reason. Instead you hoped you could once again get people to help you for nothing. You need to face reality.

You killed your pet .

NO ONE ANYWHERE HAS A RESPONSIBILITY TO GIVE YOU ANYTHING FOR FREE. You R A LOSER in fact if i livedin this town i would go to this vet because he is a good vet for turning you down.

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You are a RN.? Why would anyone, allow, you around, sick people? You sound heartless, and unstable.

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