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I have the Banfield wellness plan for my three dogs and cant wait to get out. Please consider before signing up.

I am a medical professional and am appalled at the lack of care. Here is an abbreviated list of my issues: 1. Dog limping and could not get appt so I dropped him off and dx was a likely torn ligament. The office scheduled me to see the Banfield Surgeon and when I arrived they had no appointment scheduled.

After a bit I did get to see the surgeon who wanted to perform the surgery 2.5 months later. This is not acceptable and very unsafe for a torn ligament. 2. Physical examination appointments with no physical.

I dropped my dogs off for annual physicals and when I picked them up asked about their various health conditions. One has a belly mass, one has arthritis and trouble walking. The vet had no comment and took them back and "re-examined" them. Not sure what kind of physical I paid for.

3. These are vets right out of school and not knowledgeable. If your pet has serious issues go to an experienced vet. 4.

I can never get a prompt appointment and when my dog injured his leg they would not allow me to bring him in as an emergency. There is a sign posted that says emergencies will be given priority ??? 5. Took my dogs in for vaccines and upon check out I asked to confirm all vaccines were given (at this point I knew not to trust them).

One of my dogs had not received his Bortadella and someone came out and took him back and gave the vaccine. When I got home I reviewed the paperwork and the Bortadella was not documented so I called the office and was advised not to worry he did get his Bortadella. Now it is a few months later and they say he is due for Bortadella.

I called the office and the vaccine was clearly not documented so I am looking at overdosing my dog?? I called the office manager and explained the situation and she has not called me back.

Product or Service Mentioned: Banfield Pet Hospital Wellness Plan.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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