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i am ill have been for a very long time she didn"t think so. i arrange to pay my bill withe steven awhile back I fell behind at that time it was $118.00,I made one payment and fell ill now my bill is $276.00 ac cording to that person and i would be blackballed.

i would like to pay on my bill a payment but you have no billing address that its the only way now that i pay noone that talks to me like that!!!! So by mail please send me the info on haow to do that and I will send you a payment right back of $25.00 . this all i can do and no one said anything about the price now I am sticking to the $118.00 you choose to turn me over to credit collector go ahead that will make your phone person happy she through that one at me.

I am at the edge of bankruptcy now do to illness i i didn't put you down as one, that"s how bad things have got fo me. concetta guarcello

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Preferred solution: let me pay for the $118.00 My payment of that will be $65.04 i want to mail it in so i need address .

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